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Oncjefferson3e again I offer apologies for my prolonged absence, but I return with a rare treat which should cause you to easily forgive my tardiness.  I have just returned from a most felicitous meeting with a man who is undoubtedly America’s finest President, and I say that as a former commander-in-chief myself.  Informal polling among our White House brethren here in the afterlife invariably leads to a consensus that Abraham Lincoln filled the role with such genius, kindness, savvy, intelligence and ultimately sacrifice as has never been equaled nor never probably will be.  Truly a giant.

All of us who have been President seem to congregate in similar circles here more often than would seem reasonable purely by happenstance. Perhaps our presidential ambition causes us to gravitate towards one another? This collection of gentlemen — no ladies in our exclusive club heretofore, though perhaps this could change soon? — brings together fellows of often opposing temperament but always sharing a deep pride and love for our country, no matter what era we helped to rule her.

We are fond of celebrating anniversaries, too, so today’s 150th commemoration of the passing into legend — and thus into my realm — of Abraham Lincoln warranted a merry celebration (yes, in spite of the terrible circAbraham_Lincolnumstances which brought him here to us) and many fond reminisces both about and from him.  Lincoln on this side of the ether presents a tall and unmistakable image, happily restored to full vigor from the admittedly tired and frankly worn out state he occupied in those last months in 1865.  The burden upon him was unimaginable, but to see his sparkling eyes and winsome grin now gives us all much ease and should also similarly bring contentment to you today.  Abraham is joyous and at peace.

Dining on chicken, pork chops and boiled potatoes, our Presidents Club shared a tasty meal — again, perhaps not corporeal victuals but indeed I tasted the luscious fowl! — and offered short toasts to our Mr. Lincoln, all of which he either answered with a pleasant nod or a self-effacing laugh when the praise seemed to effusive to his ears.  Nothing can be too effusive when the subject is Lincoln, though.  At the conclusion of our feast he stood before us and effortlessly regaled us with a selection of stories and anecdotes either inspirational, wise or most often amusing, that great Lincoln wit applied with a sure hand to send home whatever point he cared to make.  

Abraham Lincoln continues to be a wonder, fellow citizens, and on this day please take some minutes to thank whatever power that be that America was granted the privilege of having this man in our corner.  We would not have made it through without him, of that I am sure.

Thank you for visiting me and I shall offer Abraham your best wishes.

T. Jefferson


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jefferson1228Dear Friends —

I realize I appear to be nothing but a continuing series of stammering apologies in terms of my communications with you, and yet I would have you all understand how the concept of time is nearly irrelevant to me.  I have become addled with the wonders of existence, or more so nonexistence, as I — even centuries after my Earthly leave-taking — have not yet even begun to unravel the complexities of the mysterious realm I find myself in.  

I know not how long the time between my missives here seems to you because to me it is truly only a moment or two, but I see that the dates appended to my messages belie that perception.

All I can do is offer once again my heartfelt wishes that you forgive my absence.  Truly I mean no disrespect to you, my fellow Patriots, and I keep you close to my heart at all times, through all epochs, into all tomorrows.

Thus said, I trust that you all are enjoying a most felicitous holiday season, replete with toothsome feasts and hearty merriment with friends and family.  My most beloved home Monticello was the site of many a joyous occasion during this season, what with many longed-for visitors happening by to share our hospitality and our victuals.  Mr. Franklin was a frequent guest and always provided amusement both appropriate and sometimes less so for our gatherings.  And yet for all his scandalous ribaldry I would not change a thing about the man.  A truly wondrous character….

Let me now resolve — though I have done so previously with very little success, unfortunately — that I shall apply all my intellectual prowess to keep in contact with you here on this mortal plane.  I do so enjoy our talks here and hope that you feel the same.  

Please also do not forget that I am available for advice.  Feel free to submit your questions to me in the comment section of this communication.  I will pay heed and respond.

Thank you for your patience with me and for providing this forum so that I may always keep in touch with my precious correspondents and followers.  You have my unceasing devotion.

With affection,

T. Jefferson

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jefferson11My most heartfelt greetings on this day that has been dubbed Mothers Day, designed to honor motherhood and also, one surmises, to sell gifts, flowers, candies and various other trinkets to curry one’s mother’s favor.  Lest I sound too cynical, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all those women who have undertaken the task of raising children into respectable members of society.  What disappoints is the extreme commercialism of the sentiment, turning what is pure into something very nearly crass.  Let me presume that you all are keeping the day safe in your heart and that it lives primarily there and not in your open pocketbook.

My own wife Martha, the mother of my children, was a most fetching and devoted woman.  You may wonder if we are together here in whatever manner of afterlife I have found myself in.  I think it understandable to say that we are together always in spirit, just as we were on Earth, but here we all seem to be part of multiple dimensions and lives led.  I am, I have come to know, one of many men (and women) that Martha has known over the millenia, just as she is but one of a long and evidently continuing line of intimate liaisions that I have experienced.  Our meetings lately have been but fleeting glimpses and gossamer sensations, yet I am always touched when we are close and look forward to these somewhat rare occasions. Have I confused you?  I admit that I do not fully grasp the mechanism of my existence either.

But back to Mothers, which I shall capitalize today in honor of the day.  From the passion that is often an integral part of becoming a Mother in the first place — and I would not want to eliminate those moments, as they are most delightful, are they not? — to her last moment of life, a Mother is forever.  One can no more NOT be a Mother, once having become one, than one could decide NOT to breathe in and out to continue life.  It is embedded, involuntary and yet a deeply felt choice that is not made lightly. 

If you are a Mother, my heart swells with pride and affection for you on this day and always.  This is your special recognition so take it with joy. 

As you may have gathered from my musings here, my heart is always full of deep feelings for all my devoted followers on Earth. 


T. Jefferson


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Why is it so shocking, I wonder, that far-flung colonists adrift in a strange and lonely land, lacking supplies and support, might in desperation turn to nibbling on their deceased neighbors?  I have caSkepticalught wind of the news today that archaeologists have uncovered proof that the courageous and beset Jamestown colonists most likely resorted to acts of cannibalism in an attempt to keep themselves alive during the devastating winter of 1609.  This revelation has caused much ruckus in the various news reporting venues, although I do not believe it is actually much of a surprise to many.  I recall perusing an account from Colonial Williamsburg from several years ago on the same topic that all but certified it had happened; it is a most fascinating document and full of vivid details, I must warn you.

Gentle readers, I trust that we are all adults here and know well the difficulties which can befall humankind.  I do not believe that given a choice between certain starvation and the prospect of scavenging some small life-sustaining nourishment from passed-on fellow travelers, that any of us would cheerfully choose self-annihilation.  I do believe that we would, after considering all alternatives, do what was necessary to keep ourselves going.  The poor souls who may have been recycled, shall we say, were already gone from this mortal plane and served even more nobly than they themselves could have known — or indeed would have wanted to know, we must assume. 

Pondering our own demise is not a pleasant task, but when there are means to ethically — and indeed what the Jamestown settlers did was most ethical — prolong ourselves for another day, to continue on our appointed task, we would be shirking our humanity to back away from the challenge.

That being said, most fortunately I never was in such a position nor was anyone I knew, though most assuredly times were equally as desperate during The War for Independence but I do not recall hearing even a hint of anything resembling cannibalism among the troops.   My fervent wish is that none of you ever have any need of such measures either. 

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Pondering Cheese

Do I smell cheese?As I sat during my luncheon yesterday with Mr. Franklin — did I mention that I had dined with him? perhaps only on my Twitter page — we were discussing the appeal of various varieties of cheese.  We both professed an extreme affection for strong cheeses, those which perhaps offend the senses of individuals with delicate noses.  Sometimes I confess that I do not think those types of cheeses are fit for mixed company, being more suited to be enjoyed alongside lusty masculine conversation and intoxicating drink than a more refined occasion. 

I hope this does not shock you, but I have noticed that the feminine sex often has a more developed sense of smell which renders those more earthy aromas less delightful and indeed practically unpleasant.  Not wishing to offend anyone I would gladly forego a cheese course if I believed the ladies present would object.  I suppose that there is a small part of me that longs to find a woman who would not only encourage my love of deep rich cheeses but also partake of them with me.  I feel I am wishing for too much…

At this time let me urge you all to push past your accustomed cheese boundaries and sample those exotic types that are unfamiliar to you at present.  You may find that your palate enjoys the challenge.

On that note, I shall bid you adieu now so that I may take a small stroll around the Monticello gardens while the light is still good.

Ah…in case any of you are wondering how fares Mr. Franklin, I can happily report that he is as wise and ribald as ever.  I am no blushing maiden, but Benjamin never fails to bring a flush to my cheek at least once during every occasion we are together.  Thankfully these moments are overwhelmed by the hilarity and laughter that ensues; I do not wish him to think that I am undesirous of hearing scandalous talk, but I am at the same time nearly incapable of offering much of it myself.  To each his own, as has been said many times.

Goodbye for now, my friends.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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Once again, I come to you humbled by my dreadful absence of late.  I fear there is some manner of galactic upheaval playing havoc with my sense of time, though I offer that as a feeble excuse.  Truly, there is no “now” or “later” here in my April 24threalm.  I merely exist, but I will endeavour to better channel my energy towards my former home world of Earth from this plane in order that I may more effectively communicate with my friends.

I am also trying to establish more ties with an account on the communication mode known as Twitter, where you may find me as SxyTomJefferson.  I know that it will be difficult for me to adapt my rather wordy and elegant writing style to a mere 140 characters, but I am going forward as a challenge to myself  and we shall see how it turns out.  Please join me there.

In the meantime, enjoy the Spring though I know there is still snow in many areas.  Such an anomaly, perhaps, though we knew of such things in my time as when there occured a large volcanic eruption and the ash cloud spread over the Earth and depressed the climate for some time.  I do not believe that is the cause now, though I do hear of various calamaties.

Let me also express my sorrow for the events last week in fair Boston town.  Such a city of spirit and intellectual pursuits.  We know not why any one person should find that history has plunked them down in such unfortunate circumstances, but the not knowing does not change the fact that it has happened, and the only way to go is forward.  Go forward, Boston.

My most felicitous encouragement to you all, for ever.  And please continue to visit me!

T. Jefferson

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Most inexcusable!

ImageA thousand pardons, my fellow patriots!  Have I related to you how the passage of time — your mortal time, that is — is so very different from here.  I do not know whether it has been twelve days, twelve hours, or twelve decades, hence my terrible record at keeping in touch with my friends at this particular place.

I hope that you have no forgotten about me, for truly I have not forgotten about all of you.  It may seem so, and I would not begrudge an impatient glance from the mortal plane directed most perfectly at me because of my lack of timeliness as evidenced by my prolonged absense.  Inexcusable, surely, but hopefully forgivable.

In any event, I offer my best wishes for a continued delightful summer for you all.  I see that there has been a dearth of rainfall in many parts of the great United States, a most dire situation that all of us hope to see soon remedied.  Oh, that we in the beyond could exert influence upon the forces of Mother Nature and prevail upon her good graces to send down some relief to the parched land.  Tis not possible, I regret to say, and so it appears we will all look with a longing heart for the day that Nature once again responds to all our pleas.

I hope you are all dining felicitously and wisely, enjoying toothsome savories and intoxicating beverages especially designed to enhance Summer’s delights. 

I promise that I shall not leave my patriots again.



T. Jefferson

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