I am obviously a most negligent chronicler.  Months go by, and I have seemingly abandoned my devoted Patriots.  It  may appear so, yet it is not so.

It is the foggy nature of existence here in the beyond that continually distracts me.  You cannot begin to imagine what a task it is to stay focused on Earthly matters, when the whole Universe beckons.  I do not completely understand the mechanism by which I ended up here, nor do I understand how I can maintain relations with Planet Earth.  These are questions and answers to which I am not privy, but I do share my situation with you so that you may better understand my dilemma.

But no excuses, I always say, so I shall now merely make a vow to apply myself with more alacrity to the business at hand.  I am here for you, I wish to hear from my followers and friends in the 21st Century — what a marvelous sound that phrase has!

I shall attempt to confine my musings to matters of interest to a general audience.  I shall also do my best to avoid politics, which might I merely say have taken a most ridiculous turn lately with the emergence of a group which has purloined an important historical event from my beloved era to mask a pernicious movement with deep and devious roots.  I will say no more here, but I am not amused and even am quite saddened at the recent election events which gave credence to this band of intellectual rabble.

But there are other things afoot!  It is Fall, it is crisp and breathtaking outside, and the leaves are either down now or still falling.  Step outside and enjoy the nip in the air!

Check here often for more words from me, your friend and fellow American.

T. Jefferson



Hello all.

You will recall that I made one brief appearance here in December, when the holidays were still ahead of us and the winter was not yet officially declared.

Now, several months later, I find myself weary of the drab and dreary winter skies.  I am tired even of the sparkling snow when it falls lightly upon the fields, glittering  like shards of diamond dust.  That lovely sight cannot even lift myspirits, alas.

I have investigated these “winter blues”, wondering if I might be suffering from the lack of a substance found in sunshine that  I believe you now refer to as “Vitamin D”.  I must confess I have been loath to attempt my customary long walks thru Monticello’s pathways, not because of any particular lack of motivation nor physical infirmity, but perhaps more simply a weather-induced ennui which has kept me more sedentary than is wise.

I believe I have come to fully appreciate, in my time in the beyond, the positive powers of the Sun, Earth’s beautious solar orb whose healing rays bestow their gifts upon humankind without prejudice of any kind.  There is not a soul who does not crave the appearance of Sol as he rises each morning to cajole us out of our comfortable beds and thence to action.  In my heyday, I must confess, the sun’s first rays would most often never fail to arouse me — and I do mean in the fullest sense of the word — and allow me to begin my day in a most felicitous manner.  

I do hope the Sun affects you similarly.  Perhaps my current malaise is merely a lack of sunshine, or perhaps the lack of a suitable partner to make my mornings more memorable.  I wish for you all what I miss these days…the promise of warm companionship to help shake off the loneliness of the night. 

I thank you for listening to my musings this day, and I forgive any melancholy which may seem to emanate from my words. I am not so unhappy, really, but sometimes one does miss the pleasures of the flesh here where such things are no longer strictly necessary for fulfillment.  My memories will have to suffice, for now.

My friends, thank you for listening.

Why have I not made myself more present to you since many months ago?  I have no reasonable explanation, though of course be aware that your Founding Fathers were kept quite busy a year ago ensuring that the election for President went smoothly.  We were forced to keep notice of unethical tactics offered primarily by one side of the political spectrum, but overall we were pleased that the electorate supported the process and brought a fine man to the office.

Otherwise, I must report that I have been doing much contemplation of my otherworldly situation. You may not believe it so, but we deceased patriots are constantly being summoned up by amateur parapsychologists and ghosthunters seeking our counsel.  We endure a steady stream of inquiries and contacts, and though we are mostly happy to oblige, we have all agreed that it is sometimes a tiresome task to comply with requests to rap on tables or show oneself.  But at least we are not forgotten!

I, being the curious fellow that I am, once again solicit questions from the lovelorn and otherwise.  I shall attempt to impart my wisdom, gathered over my lifetime and the centuries since my passing, to any problems that may be vexing you at present. 

Please welcome me back!  I have missed you, my loyal children of liberty.

I beg your forgiveness, if that is even necessary, to entreat you to consider the purchase of the newly-released DVD of the superb John Adams miniseries from HBO, said production being the source of my newfound popularity.  You cannot but help be uplifted as well as entertained by this seven-part adaptation of the book by David McCullough.  It is, as you say these days, “a keeper” most assuredly.

I have provided the link to your amazing book and sundry purchasing portal Amazon, but rest assured I am receiving no renumeration for this courtesy.  I only wish to speed you on your way to enlightment!  You will also enjoy several short videos on the Amazon page which further tell the tale of my good friend Mr. Adams and introduce you to some elements of his life.

I understand also that the soundtrack to the presentation is also available, and I may I be so bold as to also suggest that this would be of much pleasure to you on these hot summer days? 

If the sun is unbearable and no breeze wafts to refresh you, I would recommend remaining inside and viewing John Adams, paying special attention to the parts when I am featured.  I jest, of course….

Remember The Patriots on July 4th

The arrival of the American holiday the 4th of July — established long after my lifetime, of course — fills me with equal joy and melancholy.  Joy, because it is always a slight surprise, especially in these last few years, to see that our United States is still in fine enough fettle to celebrate…and melancholy because July the 4th is the anniversary of both the passing from the mortal plain of both myself and my good friend Mr. John Adams.   It does give one pause to reflect upon one’s own passing after so many years, but as you can see I am keeping up with the times and it hardly seems a score short of two centuries since I have departed. 

I was able to view several of the fireworks celebrations across the country – do not ask me how, only Dr. Franklin, bless his advanced brain, could possibly explain it to you all — and though I am saddened that much of the West Coast was more preoccupied by wildfires than fireworks, I must say that the displays were overall quite thrilling.  Bravo!

I mentioned Mr. Adams previously.  He also extends his warmest greetings to his fellow citizens, but he has become more contemplative than combative in his afterlife and does not wish to address you directly.  It is quite a change and I am often amused to see him so benign and I daresay even serene in these environs.

As you celebrate this entire weekend, do not forget to give us old patriots a nod of thanks.  We did what we did for ourselves and for all of you, too.

Ah, to walk among the flowers and trees in my garden, enjoying a beautiful sunny day!  It is a tonic to me, to feel the warm heat of the afternoon sun on my shoulders as I stroll about, examining each new blossom and searching for new fragrances among the blooms.  I am fond of inclement weather, of course, but there is something so cheery and life-giving about a sunny day that I am almost inclined to forgive the presence of annoying flies or the occasional mosquito.  Give me sunshine and a stiff breeze and I shall be completely content!  My wife Martha and I were in the habit of taking long walks through the grounds, and I recall with much pleasure and an equal part sadness the sweet sublime satisfaction of those hours.  Now that she is no longer with me, the time I spend alone in the garden, particularly on those sunlit days, serves as a reminder of our days and years together.   

I am enjoying a bowl of delicious soup, as my luncheon.  Is there anything more sublime than a hot, steaming concoction of vegetables — I am partial to onions, celery, carrots, and potato — mixed perhaps with a bit of meat, and simmered to perfection?  I should also like to recommend some hearty bread or perhaps a dumpling, though the latter may be perhaps more suitable for a stew rather than a soup.  A soup is light upon the stomach, neither overwhelming the system during the daytime nor leaving it wanting in energy.  A soup is also most economical, as one may utilize the delightful remnants of previous meals as part of the creative mixture.  Let nothing go to waste and you shall always eat well and with a clear conscience.

Now, back to my soup.  I hope that you will prepare some for yourself in the near future.