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Ah, to walk among the flowers and trees in my garden, enjoying a beautiful sunny day!  It is a tonic to me, to feel the warm heat of the afternoon sun on my shoulders as I stroll about, examining each new blossom and searching for new fragrances among the blooms.  I am fond of inclement weather, of course, but there is something so cheery and life-giving about a sunny day that I am almost inclined to forgive the presence of annoying flies or the occasional mosquito.  Give me sunshine and a stiff breeze and I shall be completely content!  My wife Martha and I were in the habit of taking long walks through the grounds, and I recall with much pleasure and an equal part sadness the sweet sublime satisfaction of those hours.  Now that she is no longer with me, the time I spend alone in the garden, particularly on those sunlit days, serves as a reminder of our days and years together.   


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