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Oncjefferson3e again I offer apologies for my prolonged absence, but I return with a rare treat which should cause you to easily forgive my tardiness.  I have just returned from a most felicitous meeting with a man who is undoubtedly America’s finest President, and I say that as a former commander-in-chief myself.  Informal polling among our White House brethren here in the afterlife invariably leads to a consensus that Abraham Lincoln filled the role with such genius, kindness, savvy, intelligence and ultimately sacrifice as has never been equaled nor never probably will be.  Truly a giant.

All of us who have been President seem to congregate in similar circles here more often than would seem reasonable purely by happenstance. Perhaps our presidential ambition causes us to gravitate towards one another? This collection of gentlemen — no ladies in our exclusive club heretofore, though perhaps this could change soon? — brings together fellows of often opposing temperament but always sharing a deep pride and love for our country, no matter what era we helped to rule her.

We are fond of celebrating anniversaries, too, so today’s 150th commemoration of the passing into legend — and thus into my realm — of Abraham Lincoln warranted a merry celebration (yes, in spite of the terrible circAbraham_Lincolnumstances which brought him here to us) and many fond reminisces both about and from him.  Lincoln on this side of the ether presents a tall and unmistakable image, happily restored to full vigor from the admittedly tired and frankly worn out state he occupied in those last months in 1865.  The burden upon him was unimaginable, but to see his sparkling eyes and winsome grin now gives us all much ease and should also similarly bring contentment to you today.  Abraham is joyous and at peace.

Dining on chicken, pork chops and boiled potatoes, our Presidents Club shared a tasty meal — again, perhaps not corporeal victuals but indeed I tasted the luscious fowl! — and offered short toasts to our Mr. Lincoln, all of which he either answered with a pleasant nod or a self-effacing laugh when the praise seemed to effusive to his ears.  Nothing can be too effusive when the subject is Lincoln, though.  At the conclusion of our feast he stood before us and effortlessly regaled us with a selection of stories and anecdotes either inspirational, wise or most often amusing, that great Lincoln wit applied with a sure hand to send home whatever point he cared to make.  

Abraham Lincoln continues to be a wonder, fellow citizens, and on this day please take some minutes to thank whatever power that be that America was granted the privilege of having this man in our corner.  We would not have made it through without him, of that I am sure.

Thank you for visiting me and I shall offer Abraham your best wishes.

T. Jefferson


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