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jefferson1228Dear Friends —

I realize I appear to be nothing but a continuing series of stammering apologies in terms of my communications with you, and yet I would have you all understand how the concept of time is nearly irrelevant to me.  I have become addled with the wonders of existence, or more so nonexistence, as I — even centuries after my Earthly leave-taking — have not yet even begun to unravel the complexities of the mysterious realm I find myself in.  

I know not how long the time between my missives here seems to you because to me it is truly only a moment or two, but I see that the dates appended to my messages belie that perception.

All I can do is offer once again my heartfelt wishes that you forgive my absence.  Truly I mean no disrespect to you, my fellow Patriots, and I keep you close to my heart at all times, through all epochs, into all tomorrows.

Thus said, I trust that you all are enjoying a most felicitous holiday season, replete with toothsome feasts and hearty merriment with friends and family.  My most beloved home Monticello was the site of many a joyous occasion during this season, what with many longed-for visitors happening by to share our hospitality and our victuals.  Mr. Franklin was a frequent guest and always provided amusement both appropriate and sometimes less so for our gatherings.  And yet for all his scandalous ribaldry I would not change a thing about the man.  A truly wondrous character….

Let me now resolve — though I have done so previously with very little success, unfortunately — that I shall apply all my intellectual prowess to keep in contact with you here on this mortal plane.  I do so enjoy our talks here and hope that you feel the same.  

Please also do not forget that I am available for advice.  Feel free to submit your questions to me in the comment section of this communication.  I will pay heed and respond.

Thank you for your patience with me and for providing this forum so that I may always keep in touch with my precious correspondents and followers.  You have my unceasing devotion.

With affection,

T. Jefferson


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I am obviously a most negligent chronicler.  Months go by, and I have seemingly abandoned my devoted Patriots.  It  may appear so, yet it is not so.

It is the foggy nature of existence here in the beyond that continually distracts me.  You cannot begin to imagine what a task it is to stay focused on Earthly matters, when the whole Universe beckons.  I do not completely understand the mechanism by which I ended up here, nor do I understand how I can maintain relations with Planet Earth.  These are questions and answers to which I am not privy, but I do share my situation with you so that you may better understand my dilemma.

But no excuses, I always say, so I shall now merely make a vow to apply myself with more alacrity to the business at hand.  I am here for you, I wish to hear from my followers and friends in the 21st Century — what a marvelous sound that phrase has!

I shall attempt to confine my musings to matters of interest to a general audience.  I shall also do my best to avoid politics, which might I merely say have taken a most ridiculous turn lately with the emergence of a group which has purloined an important historical event from my beloved era to mask a pernicious movement with deep and devious roots.  I will say no more here, but I am not amused and even am quite saddened at the recent election events which gave credence to this band of intellectual rabble.

But there are other things afoot!  It is Fall, it is crisp and breathtaking outside, and the leaves are either down now or still falling.  Step outside and enjoy the nip in the air!

Check here often for more words from me, your friend and fellow American.

T. Jefferson

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