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Once again, I come to you humbled by my dreadful absence of late.  I fear there is some manner of galactic upheaval playing havoc with my sense of time, though I offer that as a feeble excuse.  Truly, there is no “now” or “later” here in my April 24threalm.  I merely exist, but I will endeavour to better channel my energy towards my former home world of Earth from this plane in order that I may more effectively communicate with my friends.

I am also trying to establish more ties with an account on the communication mode known as Twitter, where you may find me as SxyTomJefferson.  I know that it will be difficult for me to adapt my rather wordy and elegant writing style to a mere 140 characters, but I am going forward as a challenge to myself  and we shall see how it turns out.  Please join me there.

In the meantime, enjoy the Spring though I know there is still snow in many areas.  Such an anomaly, perhaps, though we knew of such things in my time as when there occured a large volcanic eruption and the ash cloud spread over the Earth and depressed the climate for some time.  I do not believe that is the cause now, though I do hear of various calamaties.

Let me also express my sorrow for the events last week in fair Boston town.  Such a city of spirit and intellectual pursuits.  We know not why any one person should find that history has plunked them down in such unfortunate circumstances, but the not knowing does not change the fact that it has happened, and the only way to go is forward.  Go forward, Boston.

My most felicitous encouragement to you all, for ever.  And please continue to visit me!

T. Jefferson


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