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Pondering Cheese

Do I smell cheese?As I sat during my luncheon yesterday with Mr. Franklin — did I mention that I had dined with him? perhaps only on my Twitter page — we were discussing the appeal of various varieties of cheese.  We both professed an extreme affection for strong cheeses, those which perhaps offend the senses of individuals with delicate noses.  Sometimes I confess that I do not think those types of cheeses are fit for mixed company, being more suited to be enjoyed alongside lusty masculine conversation and intoxicating drink than a more refined occasion. 

I hope this does not shock you, but I have noticed that the feminine sex often has a more developed sense of smell which renders those more earthy aromas less delightful and indeed practically unpleasant.  Not wishing to offend anyone I would gladly forego a cheese course if I believed the ladies present would object.  I suppose that there is a small part of me that longs to find a woman who would not only encourage my love of deep rich cheeses but also partake of them with me.  I feel I am wishing for too much…

At this time let me urge you all to push past your accustomed cheese boundaries and sample those exotic types that are unfamiliar to you at present.  You may find that your palate enjoys the challenge.

On that note, I shall bid you adieu now so that I may take a small stroll around the Monticello gardens while the light is still good.

Ah…in case any of you are wondering how fares Mr. Franklin, I can happily report that he is as wise and ribald as ever.  I am no blushing maiden, but Benjamin never fails to bring a flush to my cheek at least once during every occasion we are together.  Thankfully these moments are overwhelmed by the hilarity and laughter that ensues; I do not wish him to think that I am undesirous of hearing scandalous talk, but I am at the same time nearly incapable of offering much of it myself.  To each his own, as has been said many times.

Goodbye for now, my friends.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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