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Remember The Patriots on July 4th

The arrival of the American holiday the 4th of July — established long after my lifetime, of course — fills me with equal joy and melancholy.  Joy, because it is always a slight surprise, especially in these last few years, to see that our United States is still in fine enough fettle to celebrate…and melancholy because July the 4th is the anniversary of both the passing from the mortal plain of both myself and my good friend Mr. John Adams.   It does give one pause to reflect upon one’s own passing after so many years, but as you can see I am keeping up with the times and it hardly seems a score short of two centuries since I have departed. 

I was able to view several of the fireworks celebrations across the country – do not ask me how, only Dr. Franklin, bless his advanced brain, could possibly explain it to you all — and though I am saddened that much of the West Coast was more preoccupied by wildfires than fireworks, I must say that the displays were overall quite thrilling.  Bravo!

I mentioned Mr. Adams previously.  He also extends his warmest greetings to his fellow citizens, but he has become more contemplative than combative in his afterlife and does not wish to address you directly.  It is quite a change and I am often amused to see him so benign and I daresay even serene in these environs.

As you celebrate this entire weekend, do not forget to give us old patriots a nod of thanks.  We did what we did for ourselves and for all of you, too.


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