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jefferson1228Dear Friends —

I realize I appear to be nothing but a continuing series of stammering apologies in terms of my communications with you, and yet I would have you all understand how the concept of time is nearly irrelevant to me.  I have become addled with the wonders of existence, or more so nonexistence, as I — even centuries after my Earthly leave-taking — have not yet even begun to unravel the complexities of the mysterious realm I find myself in.  

I know not how long the time between my missives here seems to you because to me it is truly only a moment or two, but I see that the dates appended to my messages belie that perception.

All I can do is offer once again my heartfelt wishes that you forgive my absence.  Truly I mean no disrespect to you, my fellow Patriots, and I keep you close to my heart at all times, through all epochs, into all tomorrows.

Thus said, I trust that you all are enjoying a most felicitous holiday season, replete with toothsome feasts and hearty merriment with friends and family.  My most beloved home Monticello was the site of many a joyous occasion during this season, what with many longed-for visitors happening by to share our hospitality and our victuals.  Mr. Franklin was a frequent guest and always provided amusement both appropriate and sometimes less so for our gatherings.  And yet for all his scandalous ribaldry I would not change a thing about the man.  A truly wondrous character….

Let me now resolve — though I have done so previously with very little success, unfortunately — that I shall apply all my intellectual prowess to keep in contact with you here on this mortal plane.  I do so enjoy our talks here and hope that you feel the same.  

Please also do not forget that I am available for advice.  Feel free to submit your questions to me in the comment section of this communication.  I will pay heed and respond.

Thank you for your patience with me and for providing this forum so that I may always keep in touch with my precious correspondents and followers.  You have my unceasing devotion.

With affection,

T. Jefferson


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