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I received a question from a young woman who wished to know whether I thought it was wise, or not, to give herself to her young man prior to her marriage.  I am well aware that most 21st Century citizens may not realize that in my day we were as active in such intimate activities as are people today.  Certainly the public stance, from the pulpit most definitely, was that such conduct was sinful, but it did not seem to curb the appetites of many a passionate mister or miss. 

My advice to her is this:  If you will do it, do not regret it afterwards.  Allow yourself not to be “taken” but to participate equally; only in this way may you attain the full pleasure to be had.  And most of all be mindful that the woman must ensure that she is not left with child afterwards.  We had methods, not nearly as reliable as you have available to you, to prevent conception, and we swore by them.  You must be diligent in this above all.  There is time enough for children later, much later.

I hope that I have been of some aid.  This is how I feel.  If I were the young lady’s father I might venture a different opinion, but as a man of some experience I cannot see what harm will come of it. 


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