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I beg your forgiveness, if that is even necessary, to entreat you to consider the purchase of the newly-released DVD of the superb John Adams miniseries from HBO, said production being the source of my newfound popularity.  You cannot but help be uplifted as well as entertained by this seven-part adaptation of the book by David McCullough.  It is, as you say these days, “a keeper” most assuredly.

I have provided the link to your amazing book and sundry purchasing portal Amazon, but rest assured I am receiving no renumeration for this courtesy.  I only wish to speed you on your way to enlightment!  You will also enjoy several short videos on the Amazon page which further tell the tale of my good friend Mr. Adams and introduce you to some elements of his life.

I understand also that the soundtrack to the presentation is also available, and I may I be so bold as to also suggest that this would be of much pleasure to you on these hot summer days? 

If the sun is unbearable and no breeze wafts to refresh you, I would recommend remaining inside and viewing John Adams, paying special attention to the parts when I am featured.  I jest, of course….


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