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jefferson11My most heartfelt greetings on this day that has been dubbed Mothers Day, designed to honor motherhood and also, one surmises, to sell gifts, flowers, candies and various other trinkets to curry one’s mother’s favor.  Lest I sound too cynical, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all those women who have undertaken the task of raising children into respectable members of society.  What disappoints is the extreme commercialism of the sentiment, turning what is pure into something very nearly crass.  Let me presume that you all are keeping the day safe in your heart and that it lives primarily there and not in your open pocketbook.

My own wife Martha, the mother of my children, was a most fetching and devoted woman.  You may wonder if we are together here in whatever manner of afterlife I have found myself in.  I think it understandable to say that we are together always in spirit, just as we were on Earth, but here we all seem to be part of multiple dimensions and lives led.  I am, I have come to know, one of many men (and women) that Martha has known over the millenia, just as she is but one of a long and evidently continuing line of intimate liaisions that I have experienced.  Our meetings lately have been but fleeting glimpses and gossamer sensations, yet I am always touched when we are close and look forward to these somewhat rare occasions. Have I confused you?  I admit that I do not fully grasp the mechanism of my existence either.

But back to Mothers, which I shall capitalize today in honor of the day.  From the passion that is often an integral part of becoming a Mother in the first place — and I would not want to eliminate those moments, as they are most delightful, are they not? — to her last moment of life, a Mother is forever.  One can no more NOT be a Mother, once having become one, than one could decide NOT to breathe in and out to continue life.  It is embedded, involuntary and yet a deeply felt choice that is not made lightly. 

If you are a Mother, my heart swells with pride and affection for you on this day and always.  This is your special recognition so take it with joy. 

As you may have gathered from my musings here, my heart is always full of deep feelings for all my devoted followers on Earth. 


T. Jefferson



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