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“Sexy” — it is not a word in use during my day, and yet I find its use here appropriate.  My contemporaries and I would have deemed a woman “comely” or “captivating” perhaps.  A gentleman of uncommon charm would have been “magnetic” or “extraordinary” but a word such as “sexy” would not have been utilized.  “Sexy” as I understand it is a combination of physical and mental characteristics, the end result being a particular kind of attraction which would lead one toward thoughts of a carnal nature.

From what I have gathered from various writings by young ladies regarding my portrayal in the “John Adams” miniseries, I surmise their affection for me is somewhat more than merely intellectual.   It is all well and good, of course; without those more elemental and delightful urges mankind would cease to prosper, no?  Perhaps I have been less than humble in applying the word “sexy” to myself, but I do believe it states the case rather succinctly, do not you agree?    


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