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Once again, I come to you humbled by my dreadful absence of late.  I fear there is some manner of galactic upheaval playing havoc with my sense of time, though I offer that as a feeble excuse.  Truly, there is no “now” or “later” here in my April 24threalm.  I merely exist, but I will endeavour to better channel my energy towards my former home world of Earth from this plane in order that I may more effectively communicate with my friends.

I am also trying to establish more ties with an account on the communication mode known as Twitter, where you may find me as SxyTomJefferson.  I know that it will be difficult for me to adapt my rather wordy and elegant writing style to a mere 140 characters, but I am going forward as a challenge to myself  and we shall see how it turns out.  Please join me there.

In the meantime, enjoy the Spring though I know there is still snow in many areas.  Such an anomaly, perhaps, though we knew of such things in my time as when there occured a large volcanic eruption and the ash cloud spread over the Earth and depressed the climate for some time.  I do not believe that is the cause now, though I do hear of various calamaties.

Let me also express my sorrow for the events last week in fair Boston town.  Such a city of spirit and intellectual pursuits.  We know not why any one person should find that history has plunked them down in such unfortunate circumstances, but the not knowing does not change the fact that it has happened, and the only way to go is forward.  Go forward, Boston.

My most felicitous encouragement to you all, for ever.  And please continue to visit me!

T. Jefferson


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Hello all.

You will recall that I made one brief appearance here in December, when the holidays were still ahead of us and the winter was not yet officially declared.

Now, several months later, I find myself weary of the drab and dreary winter skies.  I am tired even of the sparkling snow when it falls lightly upon the fields, glittering  like shards of diamond dust.  That lovely sight cannot even lift myspirits, alas.

I have investigated these “winter blues”, wondering if I might be suffering from the lack of a substance found in sunshine that  I believe you now refer to as “Vitamin D”.  I must confess I have been loath to attempt my customary long walks thru Monticello’s pathways, not because of any particular lack of motivation nor physical infirmity, but perhaps more simply a weather-induced ennui which has kept me more sedentary than is wise.

I believe I have come to fully appreciate, in my time in the beyond, the positive powers of the Sun, Earth’s beautious solar orb whose healing rays bestow their gifts upon humankind without prejudice of any kind.  There is not a soul who does not crave the appearance of Sol as he rises each morning to cajole us out of our comfortable beds and thence to action.  In my heyday, I must confess, the sun’s first rays would most often never fail to arouse me — and I do mean in the fullest sense of the word — and allow me to begin my day in a most felicitous manner.  

I do hope the Sun affects you similarly.  Perhaps my current malaise is merely a lack of sunshine, or perhaps the lack of a suitable partner to make my mornings more memorable.  I wish for you all what I miss these days…the promise of warm companionship to help shake off the loneliness of the night. 

I thank you for listening to my musings this day, and I forgive any melancholy which may seem to emanate from my words. I am not so unhappy, really, but sometimes one does miss the pleasures of the flesh here where such things are no longer strictly necessary for fulfillment.  My memories will have to suffice, for now.

My friends, thank you for listening.

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